Voters Get A Choice: Do As They’re Told, by Robert Gore

Democrats have one political imperative: to expand the size and power of the government. That leaves anyone who thinks it should shrink three options: the Republican party, a “fringe” party, or political independence. Republican worthies mumble rhetoric of limited government and individual freedom, but their policies departed from those lodestars long ago. Jeb Bush is the perfect Republican establishment candidate: distinguished lineage, fund-raising titan, former Southern governor, pro-business, and most importantly, he supports all the Republican policies favored by the worthies. Unfortunately for them and him, his candidacy is drawing little support from actual Republican voters; his poll numbers for a candidate with his name recognition are abysmal (see “Jeb and the ‘Immortal 306,’”

Those numbers highlight a critical issue for the Republicans: its elite is out of step on key issues with a substantial number of not just Republicans, but fringe party members and independents who might vote Republican. These differences cannot be finessed or “Big Tented” away. They are:

Immigration The Republican elite may take comfort from their big victory in 2014, but their voters were usually voting for candidates who pledged to do something about immigration. That something was not “immigration reform” that amounts to a ticket for welfare-state benefits and eventual citizenship for illegal immigrants. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost a primary in a huge upset because of this issue. Republican voters were incensed by President Obama’s “executive order amnesty,” despising both his policy and tactics. The “do something” Republican voters had in mind was to do something about it. Republican stalwart Ann Coulter has said: “If a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can’t stop Obama from issuing illegal immigrants Social Security cards and years of back welfare payments, there is no reason to vote Republican ever again” (“GOP Double-Crossing Traitors,” She is far more in tune with the average Republican voter than immigration reform touting Bush and his big money Republican donors.

Education Education in this country is a mess and the government’s fingerprints are all over it. At the local, pre-collegiate level, public schools are Democratic satraps. The teachers’ unions are the Democratic base, and surprise, surprise, government schools teach government propaganda! Why is anyone shocked that by the time students get to college, many need remedial classes and the majority are committed statists? College is increasingly financed by the government, turning graduates into debt slaves, and now Obama wants to grant another government goody—”free” community college. Steps towards reform that actually reform education would be in the direction of markets, those clever arrangements that promote free choice, reward the most efficient producers, supply consumers with what they want, and have propelled humanity from the Dark Ages to the modern era.

If we must have government schools, an incremental move towards the diversity characteristic of markets would be reinstating local control, to promote a variety of educational approaches that competed with each other and might lead to gradual, across-the-board improvement. Government standard-setting—Common Core—is a step in the opposite direction. Now that parents have seen Common Core’s bizarre pedagogical techniques, especially for mathematics and science, and its embedded propaganda, they have ignited a grass roots revolt. Jeb Bush endorses Common Core.

Foreign policy After Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya, the majority of Americans of all persuasions are against big new military commitments. Here the gulf between many ordinary Republicans—and a majority of the overall electorate—and the party’s elite may be at its widest. It’s not just that foreign wars cost American lives and trillions of dollars, it’s that the US gets less than nothing for its troubles. Since 9/11, the US government has been on a vicious circle in the Middle East. Each intervention has fueled new insurgencies and chaos, justifying (in the minds of the elite) further intervention, prompting (in the minds of most everyone else) skepticism and a marked reluctance to repeat the same mistakes. The Republican elite is making sure the candidates toe the line on this one, with only Rand Paul publicly expressing skepticism (undoubtedly dooming his candidacy). Jeb Bush has sworn fealty to the interventionists, bringing in many of his brother’s and father’s foreign policy advisors (see “Jeb Bush Exposed Part 1,” SLL, 2/20/15).

The national security state The war on terrorism has been used to justify a massive expansion of the government’s surveillance capabilities. It knows what you do on your computer, who you communicate with via your phone or the Internet and what you say, where you go in your car through either the car’s GPS or those ubiquitous cameras and soon-to-be ubiquitous drones, and what you buy and from whom you buy it. Televisions now have cameras and can spy on you, and it’s only a matter of time before your phone and appliances will be able to record and relay what you say. Anything with a microchip or plugged into the Internet gives the government a way to monitor you. This makes many Americans queasy; abuses have already been disclosed. There will be no defense of the Fourth Amendment from Mr. Bush. He has said that the National Security Agency’s program that collects bulk telephone records is “hugely important,” and that “For the life of me, I don’t understand the debate” over it (see “Jeb Bush Exposed Part 2,” SLL, 2/20/15).

What’s a plutocrat to do, if the peasants won’t do as their told? Fortunately for the Republican elite, there is one candidate who presses all their hot buttons and is imminently electable; who gets the automatic votes of the bought-off 47 percent (now more like 49 or 50 percent), and who epitomizes identity politics: Hillary Clinton. If the mass of Republicans and potentially Republican-leaning voters won’t follow where the elite lead, Hillary makes a fine fallback. Better a Democrat who stands for the “right” things than a Republican who doesn’t. The 2016 election will make it obvious to all but the most obtuse: there is one political party. It will continue to expand the government and its empire while the freedom of ordinary Americans continues to shrink.


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10 responses to “Voters Get A Choice: Do As They’re Told, by Robert Gore

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  2. I have been trying to explain to any one who will listen, that there is no current political solution. I will refer them to this article. The game stays the same;only the players change..


  3. Great article. Loved the way you laid out the issues and highlighted the “differing” parties have the same position. One fundamental point I disagree on.

    Your comment:
    “Those numbers highlight a critical issue for the Republicans: its elite is out of step on key issues with a substantial number of not just Republicans, but fringe party members and independents who might vote Republican.”

    To me, the premise of this carries with it the connotation that the elites of “The Party” actually care about what it’s potential voters think. The “Republican Party” just like the “Democratic Party” hasn’t been beholden to it’s constituents for some time now. Who gets elected is largely irrelevant as you point out: different digestive tract, same defecate.

    I guess my point is that your angle seems to show this as a current problem, and not one that happened a while ago and none of the elites really care about. In fact, they probably sit around drinking scotch and laughing about the idea of “choice” and the way they took it away some time ago.


  4. The correct expression is “toe the line”.

    As to the rest of the article, popularity is not the same as correctness. What you write is true as far as it goes (getting the R nomination), but we already know the R’s, especially but not only their elite, are not very interested in liberty.

    For example, the way to solve the government indoctrination problem is not reform, but complete abandonment by individual parents of the system (homeschooling), not even mentioned here. Reform does not work! The system has been reforming itself ever since Horace Mann, and look what it got us. It’s even more ridiculous since homeschooling is actually EASIER for parents than using the government schools.


    • Thanks for the tip on “toe,” rather than “tow” the line. The correction has been made. As for the schools, if I had my druthers I would completely privatize education at all levels. I am not an advocate of reform within the public school system; I’d prefer to abolish it. I was suggesting that the only reform within the current system that would do any good would be moving schools back to local control. I quite agree with you that home schooling now (and someday a privatized school system that retains home schooling as an option), is the way to go. From my article that is not clear. Thanks again.


  5. Folks you will get all you want soon I suspect. Want home schooling? It will be required as there will be no tax base to pay for the current system when the economy tanks. Foreign wars? If you can’t buy the bunker fuel to run the ships, tanks and planes we won’t be screwing around in Syria. Party reform? Pffft, the current parties won’t exist once we hit bottom. Americans, as Churchill was want to say, usually do the right thing after many tries. When the 2×4 of reality hits them in the head we may finally say “Enough!”

    I watch the Russians and Chinese building the alt-world-economy model. Their version of a SWIFT system, laying ground work for an alternate Internet, buying gold stores to be a replacement reserve currency. They are building it right there on the front lawn for everyone to see and when the time is right 6-7 key economic partners are going to say “No more USD!”. All those trillions of dollars out in the world flood home, hyper inflation ensues and the domestic economy goes the way of the Weimar.

    We’ll have all we want, but be prepared it is going to be a bumpy ride.


  6. I keep hearing uninformed Republicans saying “Wait till the Republicans take over – things will get better” – never reflecting on how things _never_ improve with a Republican majority. Here’s an example:


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