The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves – Spain Officially Becomes a Police State, by Michael Krieger

As The Facade Crumbles (SLL, 7/11/15) the people behind the facade, frantic, get more authoritarian and repressive. It’s happening in Great Britain, France, and now Spain. It’s coming soon to a theater near you. From Michael Krieger at

On July 1st, 2015, Spain officially became a police state. There’s simply no other way to put it. The “gag law” passed late last year went into effect on that date, and if you still have any doubt about how extreme and oppressive these laws are, let’s take a quick look at a summary published by The Local:

1) Fines for protesting

Under the new law, anyone who organizes or takes part in an “unauthorized protest” could be fined between €30,000 and €600,000 if the protest takes part near institutions such as the Spanish parliament.

2) Distrupting public events

Disrupting events such as public speeches, sports events or religious ceremonies could face fines of between €600 and €300,000.

3) Botellón

The Spanish tradition of getting together with mates for outdoor drinking sessions looks to be officially over – drinking in public will be hit with fines of €600 under the new law. And teenagers won’t escape – Parents will be held responsible for the payment of their offsprings’ fines.

4) Social media activism

Using Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to call on people to protest will be fined under the new law, an attempt to put paid to the spontaneous protests that have proved very powerful in building the indignado movement.
5) Photographing police

People will be fined for taking unauthorized photographs of the police, a measure introduced with the argument that being publically identified could put officers and their families in danger.

6) Smoking weed

It puts an end to the laissez faire attitude that has seen Spain become a nation with one of the largest potsmoking populations in Europe. But from now on lighting up a joint in bars or on public transport could result in a fine of between €600 and €30,000.

7) Leaving furniture in the street

It is a tradition that has existed in Spain long before the current upcycling trend but from now on dumping unwanted furniture in the street could come with a penalty. Those caught obstructing streets with old furniture, cars or other unwanted items will be fined.

8) Trying to stop an eviction

People trying to stop an eviction from taking place could be fined between €600 and €300,000. The number of evictions in Spain has skyrocketed since the beginning of the economic crisis. New Barcelona mayor, Ada Colau has been a famous anti-eviction activist.

9) Not having your ID

Spaniards who are asked to show their ID card and do not have it on their person could be in trouble under the new law. If they cannot immediately locate it at home and have failed to report it missing, they are liable to be fined.

10) Disrepecting a police officer

Showing a “lack of respect” to those in uniform or failing to assist security forces in the prevention of public disturbances could result in an individual fine of between €600 and €30,000.

The above measures are so overtly authoritarian, the only conclusion one can possibility come to is this move simply represents the last desperate gasp of a completely discredited and terrified status quo. As such, there is no way these laws will succeed in the way the government intends. As the saying goes, “when you’ve got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.” Increasingly, Spanish citizens have nothing to lose, other than residing in a jail cell perhaps. Inevitably, people will become so despondent and angry that even the threat of a prison sentence will seems worth the risk, as opposed to staying passive, obedient and enslaved. When enough people come to this conclusion it’s game over for the establishment.

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  2. How do you show anything other than lack of respect for the lickspittles in uniform? It’s a no win.

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