Will Trump Succeed in Restoring America, or Will His Enemies Drag Him – and Our Country – Down? by James George Jatras

If he didn’t before, Trump now knows what he’s up against. He’ll get nothing but continuing opposition from the Deep State, the rest of the permanent government bureaucracy, the media, Hollywood, and academia. His biggest asset is he retains the support of the millions who voted for him, and that’s not insignificant. From James George Jatras at strategic-culture.org:

After barely two weeks in office Donald Trump has stunned the world with his «shock and awe» campaign to keep promises made when he was a candidate. The mere fact of a politician doing what he said he would do seems to have unsettled the nerves of his opponents. What is called «Trump Derangement Syndrome» is already reaching critical proportions.

Withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, ordering a start on his Mexican border wall, ordering an investigation into voter fraud (if conducted properly, almost certain to uncover widespread unlawful voting by non-citizens both legally and illegally present in the U.S., since no proof of citizenship is required to register), insisting he wants to get along with «killer» Vladimir Putin, and cutting short a call with Australia’s prime minister over Barack Obama’s idiotic promise to take in Muslim refugees that our mates Down Under don’t want themselves – all of these have infuriated the usual suspects.

But the declaration of war was his order to impose restrictions on entry from seven majority-Muslim countries designated as trouble spots by Obama with nary a peep from the progressive watchdogs of «tolerance» and anti-«Islamophobia». As Srdja Trifkovic has noted, Trump’s order is the first step in instating an ideological test to bar jihad ideologues from the United States. (See «The Real ‘Muslim Ban’» and my «If He Doesn’t Like Trump’s Exclusion of All Muslims, Obama Must Exclude Advocates of Sharia and Caliphate»).

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One response to “Will Trump Succeed in Restoring America, or Will His Enemies Drag Him – and Our Country – Down? by James George Jatras

  1. Reblogged this on The way I see things … and commented:
    If Trump is to win, he needs to stick to his own instincts and vision. Compromising in the hopes of wooing those opposed to him would be fatal. Those who can be reconciled will be won only by delivering on his primary pledge to restore the economy and jobs for working people.

    Actually, Trump is not totally alone. There are still the tens of millions of people who voted for him and who disdain his enemies as much as Trump’s enemies hate him.

    For the media, the «antifa» thugs, the fantasists of assassination, it may now seem all in good fun to trash every rule of civil and moral restraint in their quest to bring Trump down. But they should think twice, and then think again. The side that starts a civil war isn’t necessarily the side that wins it.


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