He Said That? 5/31/17

From Fareed Zakaria, at CNN:


6 responses to “He Said That? 5/31/17

  1. Shahrokh Mokhtarzadeh

    Wow. I didn’t expect this from Mr. Zakaria. I have new respect for him. Thank you for posting.


  2. While it is always refreshing to hear one of the usual suspects, acknowledge the rarely-featured “obvious,” the listener (or reader) must always remain vigilant.

    In his speech, Fareed tacitly casually cites those on the right as denying facts, reason, and science, thereby equating intolerance on the left for conservative speech, with “intolerance” for what he is apparently referring to as “the claimed credulity of MMGW!

    He also asserts “Capitalism” as pulling the world apart, whatever the hell that means……..


    • As you know, the clip was chosen for the reason stated in your first paragraph. The acknowledgment was anomolous enough, almost unprecedented for someone of his political persuasion, that I figured readers could put up with the other crap.


  3. Bob: Your choice(s) requires no defense. I certainly was not offering any criticism, only reacting to my understanding of the content of Fareed’s ecitorial, and wishing to share it with you and your readership.


    • I was just agreeing with you, but on rereading my comment, it does sound defensive. That wasn’t my intent.


  4. Wish I hadn’t missed it – the video is gone 😦


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