The Trump / Kim Summit is the Wedge Issue of 2018, by Tom Luongo

If Trump and Kim sign an agreement, say in the middle of October, Democrats are going to look like churlish idiots criticizing it in the run up to the mid-term election in early November. From Tom Luongo at

If there was anything that could dampen my enthusiasm for a positive outcome from President Trump’s meeting with North Korea Leader Kim Jong-un it would have been the outpouring of bitterness from the Left and the Never-Trumpers of the establishment Right.

Perusing #TrumpKimSummit last night on Twitter while the meeting was happening was an illuminating experience.  It was full of #TheResistance demeaning any prospect of peace simply because Trump was the one standing opposite Kim Jong-un.

All thoughts of the prospect of peace and ending a seventy-plus year conflict frozen for the very same cynical geopolitical reasons these same people normally decry as welfare for the Military-Industrial Complex took a backseat to their DeNiro-esque agenda against Trump.

Welcome to the wedge issue of 2018.  Here, like the Ron Paul campaigns of 2008 and 2012, the liberal-interventionists and the neoconservatives join forces to circle the wagons against someone breaking through the carefully constructed, yet false, narrative of the politically powerful.

The goal?  Enforce the status quo which enriches them and bankrupts you.

Libs and Never-Trumpers, MSNBC and the National Review in lock-step to demean and spew venom in support of a geopolitical gameboard designed to keep the world cowering in fear of catastrophic events to maintain political and social control.

It was disgusting.

That was last night.

Memes and snark mixed with bitter crocodile tears because the wrong guy was shaking Kim’s hand.  MSNBC and CNN’s coverage of the event was nauseating, save for Dennis Rodman’s raw emotion as he detailed Obama’s intransigence, aloofness and his personal costs for trying to do the right thing.

The Morning After

And if there is anything worse than the pre-summit commentary decrying Trump and Kim talking it is looking at the after-shocks this morning, where memes and snark have turned into crass and cynical talking points about Trump giving up something and Kim giving up nothing.

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