Here Comes The Diversity, White Man! by Chateau Heartiste

Will the Democratic party eventually post a sign: White Men Need Not Apply? From Chateau Heartiste at

Prepare to be enriched. Or rather, impoverished.

A Mewllennial bartender-turned-Hugo Chavez wannabe just won the 14th District in a NY Dem primary, in a shock upset over the fourth-highest ranking Dem Representative, Joe Crowley.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (hyphenated mystery meat who prefers the genderfluid ethnic identifier “latinx”) advocates

  • elimination of border control
  • free healthcare (read: paid for by Whites)
  • free college (read: paid for by Whites)
  • universal jobs guarantee (read: paid for by Whites)
  • justice system reform (read: allowing browns and blacks to freely prey on Whites)
  • housing as a human right (read: Section 8 coming to a bucolic White suburb near you!)

You hear that sound? It’s the Democreep Party splitting into two factions: the predominately White Establishment that used to champion the working class, and the Socialist Brown Power Freak Show that wants to gnaw on the bones of the carcass formerly known as America.

Ocasio-Cortez isn’t some Bernie-Trump hybrid. She might be called distilled Bernieism, if Being Bernie means full-throated support of demographically swamping Whites with nonWhite imports and handing out gibs by the truckload to every third world vagrant who shows up at the American trough, until the system collapses into debt-loaded financial ruin.

Oh, she does hate Israel, which should hearten the black pilling Trump-hater contingent.

The traitorous mick she beat, Joe Crowley, isn’t some Dem moderate. He’s a wacko leftist, too, and ran his campaign farther to the Left than he ever did before, and nearly in sync with the half-baked venezuelan slop Cortez was selling.

The reason Cortez won is easy to grasp: NY’s 14th Congressional District recently became predominately latino, thanks to the two-decade tidal surge of south of the border migrants into the big blue cities.

To continue reading: Here Comes The Diversity, White Man!

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