Seven Days in July, by Eric Margolis

It’s starting to wear pretty thin, but America’s important people are still trying to oust the man the deplorables elected president. From Eric Margolis at

Comedy?  Disaster?  Mental disorder?  Hearing loss?

Even days after President Donald Trump’s bizarre appearance in Helsinki alongside a cool, composed President Vladimir Putin, it’s hard to tell what happened.  But it certainly was entertaining.

In case anyone in the universe missed this event, let me recap.  Trump met in private with Putin, which drove bureaucrats on both sides crazy.  So far, Trump won’t reveal most of what was said between the two leaders.

But after the presidential meeting, Trump replied to reporter’s questions by saying he believed Russia had no role in attempts to bug the Democratic Party during the election.  Outrage erupted across the US.  ‘Trump trusts the Russians more than his own intelligence agencies’ went up the howl.  Trump is a traitor, charged certain of the wilder Democrats and neocon Republicans.  Few Americans wanted to hear the truth.

In fact, so intense was the outrage at home that Trump had to backtrack and claim he had misspoken.  Yes, he admitted, the Russians had meddled in the US election.  But then he seemed to back away again from this claim.

The whole thing was black comedy.  Maybe it was due to Trump’s poor hearing or to jet lag and travel fatigue.

Hillary Clinton did not lose the election due to Russian conniving.  She lost it because so many Americans disliked and mistrusted her.  When the truth about her rigging of the Democratic primary emerged, she deftly diverted attention by claiming the Russians had rigged the election.  What chutzpah (nerve).

Yet many Americans swallowed this canard.  If Russia’s GRU military intelligence was really involved in the run-up to the election, as US intelligence reportedly claimed, it’s alleged buying of social media amounted to peanuts and hardly swung the election.

Back in the 1940’s, GRU managed to penetrate and influence Roosevelt’s White House.  Now that’s real espionage.  Not some junior officers and 20-somethings on a laptop in Moscow.

Besides, compared to US meddling in foreign politics, whatever the Ruskis did in the US was small potatoes.  Prying into US political and military secrets is precisely what Russian intelligence was supposed to do.  Particularly when the US Democratic Party was pushing a highly aggressive policy towards Russia that might lead to war.

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