He Said That? 9/13/18

From Alan Moore (born 1953), English writer known primarily for his work in comic books, V for Vendetta:

Since mankind’s dawn, a handful of oppressors have accepted the responsibility over our lives that we should have accepted for ourselves. By doing so, they took our power. By doing nothing, we gave it away. We’ve seen where their way leads, through camps and wars, towards the slaughterhouse.

One response to “He Said That? 9/13/18

  1. 246’ Consider the nose? It is for breathing, as well as picking and blowing, I suppose. Still… I love the smell of gun powder in the morning. Freshly shaven and showered, perhaps another “S” word suitable with crap fits? Fresh fill of Wheaties, perhaps with fruit and HOLE milk, no sugar allowed, maybe a squeeze of OJ, or a before nooner, me Tarzan, youuuuuuu, Linda?.?.? “!”
    You are fixed an ready to go do battle for another day. Gemme, what ya got I’m pumped and ready for heroic activities with exemplary performance after the free bottle of Dick medication testosterone enhancing little placebos pills (in the free bottle, incase you wondering?) to spare and for only $19.99 you can get another bottle of free pills and you get free shipping, sadly they do not offer handling and are not responsible for hardness or any specific enhanced level of activities? But you got free shipping, didn’t you?
    I knew a guy one time, his name was Dude, kinda look like Joe Cocker, couldn’t sing, but he sure as hell knew how to stay out of certain troubles. Never date anyone that is not named Linda, for obvious reason I need not explain, or do I have to? He was vocal, that answer the question? I should hope so.
    Anyhow, The General Electric GAU-8/A Avenger is a 30mm hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-type cannon that is typically mounted to the United States Air Force’s Fairchild Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II. It is capable of firing 4,200 rounds per minute.
    That said, what is an hour, or a day, or a week, or a month and maybe a year, how many rounds are required? To be fair, 10 minutes of sustained fire pretty much eliminates any thing that needs to be eliminated, is that clear? 42,000 rounds expended in ten minutes. In other words 42,000 HOLES!
    A squadron, could be anywhere from one to twenty odd something aircraft depending upon type and mission, and furthermore more, no one seems to know? For example, purpose, let US say 24 aircraft in an A-10 squadron. Times 4,200 rounds per minute, X10 X24 X4,200 === 1,008,000=HOLES! Times two squadrons. Sadly, I have learned only 1,200 rounds capacity per aircraft, oh darn! But you get missiles too. Figure 50 million with spare parts and ammo, including sidewinders among others per warthog, less pilot and maintenance crews. Not to mention spare engines and tires, that’s extra.
    Beginning to see where the 34 billion came from? And this is where I fault the “T” man, pretty wife and all. 48 aircraft to do border patrol. The Constitutional Free zone is on the wrong side of the border and I believe it should be 100 miles, south and north of the border, that would be National Security. If it moves, shoot it!!! And in the case of wee-man and children, I have herd, ya don’t lead them so much. Perhaps good advice? The issues is homeland economics, isn’t it?
    Then of course there is the issue of courts which presents a minor inconvenience, yet a trip to Disney Land, all expense one-way ticket for family and friends would solve a lot of legal problems. Psssst? A-10’s again, it is that simple. And, for little or less than arming Billary’s freedom fighters Syria you could dump, dump truck load of guns and ammo into every inner city in the USD approved and let them shoot it out for a whole less than welfare, ya know?
    However, the only way to stop the war on drugs is to start shooting politicians. The problem would be solved in short order, I AM pretty sure. So, the so call white color crime of sticking shit up your nose or in your arm would be sorted out fairly quickly if offered a snort or a poke, or stop that, or you can pick your bullet placement within reason, OK? I believe we have that backward too, the only WHITE color crime is being a politician!!!! I propose political prison for criminals. As for those that are actually murdering, rapists, thieving, plundering deranged psychopathic natural born killer, you r in luck, you r are going to Afghanistan and any other stan that needs you, like Mini Apple IS!!! perhaps London stan too? Or, Swed stan? You German people will have to figure it out for yourselves, like you have done before, it will probably work out just fine as past performance is indicative of future results, as you may know. Three strikes, ya know? The only thing I can say about Germany is HOLY marcel Merkle!!! WTF were you thinking? And of course, WTF were you people thinking???
    Then just for fun, enlist a bunch of biker (angles form hell, sons of whatever) gangs to rule over some pussy hats. Wouldn’t that be fun? The term snowflake would take on a HOLE new meaning. Cat lady, here pussy, pussy, kitty, kitty come on over. I have the big dog for you.
    I also understand the economic situation which at best is over promised, overextended and perhaps broke long ago for most. See why they are called CON men and you ladies too, I might add the subtracted from earning potential which consisted of my entire lifetime little nest egg and DEMAND my money back! The count is now over one million five, seems like such a small price to pay, but I actually want 34 BILLUION, with a B because it equals E, that’s why! And that don’t rhyme with expiration, ya know? There is no X in convicted, or perhaps there is? There are twelve Federal Reserve Regions. I think a squadron will pretty much take care of that, don’t you think? “Feds on the RUN” it could be a movie.
    The olfactory system is which allows you to smell what stinks to high heaven. Like the gigantic flatulence we call the WASHINGTON poly tech Nikes STINK machine certainly not created by, but the last eight years of the black halve man which I refer to as Berry Stiletto and wife moch much got cha vacation and various cohort of communists sometimes refer to by me as DEMO RATS, it is wonder why no sane man has not done a tap dance on his and her foreheads, if they had any and now they want to refer to any other than his or hers as IS NOW X. I PROTEST!!!!!!! 8
    Joe X
    PS which is the BS. Education I suggest a little time out for a year or two. Then instead of giving money to schools, give it directly to the children. Start that at age 0 and it is good sized chunk of money for the education of their choice. In other words, no more public schools. Teachers will still teach, and children will still learn what they want and how they want and the fun part is how much they will pay, which is obviously what you pay for already.


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