BOUGHT OFF: Why You Don’t Hear About Low-Cost Natural Remedies In The News, by Bill Sardi

You don’t hear about low-cost natural remedies because there’s not much money in most of them. From Bill Sardi at

The obvious often escapes public recognition.  By categorical definition, news media attract public interest with information or entertainment that draws readers, listeners and viewers, in order to sell products and services offered by sponsors.  Somehow the public mistakenly believes news reporters are unbiased investigators operating in the public’s interest.  In fact, they are front men for commercial entities.

Consumers can’t imagine the whole American shopping experience inside grocery stores, viewing food ads on TV and going to doctors’ offices are orchestrated to promote over-consumption of processed foods that foments metabolic disease that in turn requires more drugs to be prescribed.

Most anti-diabesity drugs (save for metformin) induce weight gain.  The news media in league with public health authorities promoted the diabesity epidemic by advising the public to base their diet on carbohydrates (bread, rice, pasta, refined grains and cereal) as presented in the infamous food pyramid.  Grains were subsidized by the U.S. government and most were used to fatten animals for the feeding pen just prior to slaughter.  No one connected the fact we were doing the same for humans.  The essential fats and oils needed to quell hunger and produce hormones were feared and non-fat foods became the rage.  When Americans were using lard and butter is when they were the leanest.

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