Medical Fascism: Mandatory Measles Vaccination Will Cause Certain Cyclical Outbreaks, by Bill Saudi

In the long run, measles vaccines may be counterproductive, reducing their recipients’, and in the case of recipient mothers, their chilren’s naturally acquired and more powerful immunity to the disease. From Bill Sardi at

Make Sure Your Kids Get Measles!

Fascism: Authoritarian rule characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and strong regimentation of society; when industry controls government to do their bidding.

Yes, you read that sub-title correctly — make sure your children get measles says Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, a vaccine expert.  What?  You must be thinking those who lead the anti-vaccine movement are really out of their minds now.  But wackos they aren’t.

A massive effort by health authorities to stomp out non-medical exemptions (NMEs) for vaccines is fostered by a current outbreak of measles that has prompted what seems to be an orchestrated effort in various States to introduce legislation to outlaw these NMEs.  Such a campaign is headed for certain catastrophe.

Recognize the Centers for Disease Control defines an outbreak of just 3 or more cases of measles in any geographic area.  No one in the U.S. has died of the measles since 2015.  So, we are not talking about mortality, we are talking about preventing fevers, rashes and coughs that accompany measles, at least in well-fed populations where malnutrition is not rampant. Yes, you will read news reports that hundreds of children are dying of measles on the island of Madagascar, but malnutrition, not under-vaccination, is the problem there.[1]  Emergency vaccination has not been able to quell the measles outbreak on Madagascar.

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