The Coming Cash For Not-Clunkers, by Eric Peters

There’s one way to enhance demand for electric cars: ban all the alternatives. From Eric Peters at

What do you suppose will happen when they build them – but no one comes?

Within the next couple of years, almost every car company will be building – and trying to sell – electric  cars.

It won’t be just Tesla’s cars – which cars Tesla is alreadyhaving trouble trying to sell. Chiefly, because there is a built-in limit to the number of $35,000 and up cars you can sell – regardless of the number you build.

Imagine a real estate developer who only built $350,000 houses – heedless of the ability of people in the area to buy them. The homes are “nice” – they have triple-paned casement windows and granite countertops and three bathrooms.

But no one comes.

Imagine a quadrupling of EV production – and that’s a lowball figure – for a “market” that constitutes at the present moment about 1 percent of the total and which is driven almost entirely by government mandates and propped up by taxpayer-mulcted subsidies and which no one has yet figured out how to earn an honest dollar from.

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One response to “The Coming Cash For Not-Clunkers, by Eric Peters

  1. I think natural gas makes much better sense at this time.


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