Mexico in the Plague Year, and Reflection Northward, by Fred Reed

The US used to be a country that could make top-notch products and do things right. No more. From Fred Reed at

A mixed bag. This morning we sallied forth to stock up on the essentials of life in time of plague, such as throat sanitizer–Wild Turkey serves well. In the liquor store, employees wore face masks. At Walmart there was a hand-sanitizer squirter that all had to use before entering, and the PA system exhorted us to viral countermeasures, but the checkout people did not wear masks. In most of Lakeside, bars and restaurants were closed, but in Chapala a couple of waterfront restaurants loudly were not. In Guadalajara there are hand wipes to use before entering big stores, six foot spaces in checkout lines, and employees masked like highwaymen. Also gloves.

As I write–I am not going to try to keep up– Johns Hopkins says the US has 76,000 confirmed cases, and Mexico, a bit north of 500. At least one White Nationalist site celebrates the closing of the border as an admirable measure to prevent infection by an abominable Third World country. Which abominable Third World country, I wonder, is infecting which?

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