Digital Dollar Ending Privacy and Liberty, by Jack Dapper

How much more does the government need to know about you than what you buy and sell? From Jack Dapper at

Good day Earth Clan—

Imagine this hypothetical situation from the not too distant future:

A widowed grandma no longer has the physical strength to take care of the yard work of her home. She has a bright and well-mannered grandson, who happens to have a pretty and polite high school sweetheart. She nurses a not-so-secret desire that God will bless her with the longevity to see her great-grandchildren. Regardless, the yard work needed to get done and so she hired her strapping young grandson to mow the lawn in the warmer months and shovel the driveway in the colder months, among other sundry tasks throughout the year. She compensated him handsomely for his efforts, paying him $3,000 over the course of year, plus $500 each on his birthday and Christmas.

All these payments happened electronically, of course, given that the digital dollar was debuted on New Year’s Day 2021. American citizens were mandated to exchange all their physical currency for digital dollars within the year. The government also demanded its subjects submit their physical gold and silver holdings. The government was generous enough to compensate these “gold bugs” at cost for their “barbarous relic” rather than the value it had skyrocketed during the collapse of the dollar in 2020 due to hyperinflation. Our widowed grandma in question was shocked to learn on the evening news that some people had foolishly refused to hand over their illicit “pet rocks” and were summarily jailed or killed in shootouts.

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