The Coonman Cometh, by Eric Peters

Now the governor of Virginia, like democratic governors in other states, is mandating face masks. Virginians will be forced to forego fresh air outside their homes and breath in their own respiratory wastes. Take one for the team and sacrifice your own health. From Eric Peters at

Something wicked this way comes.

Only wicked can explain the announcement today by the Coonman – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam – that all Virginians over 10 will wear the Fear Mask pretty much everywhere after this Friday.

Or else.

Gesundheitsfuhrers – health police – will do the enforcing, handing out misdemeanor fines and presumably Hut! Hut! Huts! to the noncompliant.

Wicked because on the same day as the Coonman announced his decree, the CDC – the “science” we’re all supposed to “listen” to – told us that it had revised the mortality rate for WuFlu down to less than half of one percent.

Consider the juxtaposition.

Two months ago, when it was asserted – and there was perhaps reason to fear (because the “science” said so) that millions of people were soon to die from WuFlu (because we had no facts to the contrary) it might have been reasonable to put on a surgical mask as a just-in-case and play Michael Jackson – leaving aside the fact (the science) that surgical masks are not fine enough to thwart a virus from being inhaled and (logic) if you haven’t got a virus, then wearing a surgical mask is to be Michael Jackson – i.e., a neurotic freak in need of therapy.

Well, it’s now two months later and we have the facts.

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