Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda, by Chuck Baldwin

Brandon Smith, at, has been the strongest proponent of the view that Trump is nothing more than a globalist prop. From Chuck Baldwin, saying the same thing, at

My friend, Tim Brown, over at recently interviewed a constitutional scholar who writes under the pen name Publius Huldah (PH). In that interview, PH didn’t mince words in saying that Donald Trump was complicit in turning the United States over to the forces of globalism.

She said:

We are collapsing at a rapidly increasing rate.

Trump is carrying out the globalist agenda.  And as he is doing that, he contradicts his actions with words and sleight of hand actions to pacify his base:  e./g., he says he opposes globalism  – but he signed and pushed the CFR’s USMCA “Trade Agreement”.  He says he wants a wall between the United States and Mexico, and even started to build one – but he pushed the USMCA “Trade Agreement” which provides for open borders.

I’ve concluded that he is either solidly & consciously allied with the globalists [and was elected to get the “conservatives” on board (which he has done)]; or he is way over his head and is blindly following his CFR advisors.   He is extraordinarily ignorant of our Constitution [which he took an Oath to “preserve, protect and defend”]; but my chickens know as much about our Constitution as Trump does.

The American People are being played by those who plan to destroy them – but they REFUSE to listen to the Truth.  I have warned them that the globalists are setting up an international monetary system controlled by the IMF [this is laid out in USMCA “Trade Agreement”] to replace the collapsing federal reserve system.  And NOW, it seems that the globalists are DELIBERATELY crashing the federal reserve system.  WHY?  Because that is the excuse they will use to move us into the new globalist monetary system under the IMF.  And all those Americans with fiat money in their bank accounts and pensions, etc. [who will lose it all when the fed collapses] will be told that under the new global monetary system, their savings will be protected.  And they will go along with it and urge that the new system be imposed.

That so many Americans went along with the monstrously unconstitutional lock-downs over the non-threatening virus reveals that Americans are now mindless, cowardly, self-centered idiots.

There are people who believe every word “Q” says.  The highest value for most contemporary Americans is to feel good – and Q makes them feel good – and allows them to ignore the contradictions between Trump’s words and his actions:   It’s all part of The Plan, you see.

I have tried to warn Christians and conservatives about Donald Trump ever since his election. The vast majority of them have refused to listen, of course. They truly do not want to hear the truth; they much prefer to believe lies.

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2 responses to “Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda, by Chuck Baldwin

  1. “Constitutional Scholar Says Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda”

    I have been saying that since Mid April 2017…and I voted for him.


  2. Not much to disagree with and I voted for him too. What happened to that wall?


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