Surge My Fat Ass, by Jim Quinn

As Ron Paul notes, case numbers are going up because more tests are being performed. However, case numbers and deaths are going down. From Jim Quinn at

Misinformation is rampant. As Hardscrabble likes to say. “It’s the flu bro.”

There is no surge. The left wing media are praying for a surge to derail any economic rebound before the November election.

So, the fake news networks scream about the “surge” in Texas or Florida when the actual increase is around 100 cases.

Deaths and hospitalizations continue to decline. Those are the facts.

Daily confirmed COVID-19 deaths, rolling 3-day average - Our World ...

Government COVID-19 Map Looks Great | ThinkAdvisor

2 responses to “Surge My Fat Ass, by Jim Quinn

  1. It must be the masks making people incapable of understanding facts.


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