BLM and Our ‘White Supremacist Society’ by Tom Woods

Modern day McCarthyism calls people “racists” instead of communists. The goal is always to stifle dissent, cow the cowardly, and gain power. From Tom Woods at

From the Tom Woods Letter:

Sometimes there’s more to an organization than its name.

People who oppose Antifa are told: “Antifa is anti-fascist — the word itself is short for ‘anti-fascist.’ If you won’t support an anti-fascist organization, you must be a fascist.”

So the possibility that there could be more to an organization than just its name is not raised.

The same goes for Black Lives Matter.

If you suggest that there might be problems with this organization, you must not think black lives matter — I mean, duh, those words are right there in the name!

The program associated with BLM extends far beyond concern for police behavior toward blacks — and even that topic is debatable, because their narrative doesn’t take differential crime rates into account.

(Yes, we do have a problem with the police, as my forthcoming eBook shows.)

I am expected to believe that the United States, among the least racist places on Earth, is really a “white supremacist” society, and that racial disparities in income and other metrics can be caused only by “racism.”

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