Huxley’s Brave New World Arrived in 2020, by Chuck Baldwin

Covid-19 just gets weirder and weirder. From Chuck Baldwin at

The more we learn about the corona narrative, the more bizarre and unbelievable it becomes. In several past columns, I documented how the medical, media and political establishments have been deliberately lying, fudging numbers, exaggerating and manipulating data and covering up the truth about this virus from day number one.

See this page as well.

Well, hold onto your seats, boys and girls, because it gets even worse.

With the major pharmaceutical companies—many of which are among the most corrupt corporations on earth—rushing frantically to be selected as the federal government’s choice to bring a corona vaccine to market, we learn that the government standard to determine a potential drug’s readiness to be injected into people’s bodies is a—hang on—50% “effective” rating.

You read it right. When the test protocols meet the 50% “effective” rate, the drug will be ready for FDA approval, and mass injections of the American people may commence.

By “effective” I assume they mean that 50% of the human guinea pigs that take the experimental vaccine must be positively affected by the shot. Of course, that means that 50% of people will NOT be positively affected by the shot. What does that mean? Well, it could mean anything from a neutral effect to downright negative effects. And negative effects could be anything from having an adverse reaction to the drug such as getting a mild sickness or a serious disease or being paralyzed or suffering brain disorders or even dying.

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One response to “Huxley’s Brave New World Arrived in 2020, by Chuck Baldwin

  1. What is the level of herd immunity for Covid? I have seen the suggestion that it could be as low as 20per cent. If so not only was Lockdown unnecessary but the extreme measures used to prevent transmission would have delayed herd immunity being reached. At 20 percent there would be no urgent need for a vaccine and certainly no need for the risks of vaccinating everybody. But keeping the situation going while not bothering to discover or reveal a low level of herd immunity could be used to push the vaccination agenda. We could do with some facts.


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