All Russiagate Did Was Advance Pre-Existing Agendas Of The Same Spy Agencies Who Started It, by Caitlin Johnstone

Was the real purpose of Russiagate to make it impossible for Trump to take any meaningful steps towards improving relations with Russia. From Caitlin Johnstone at

One of the many interesting stories that has gotten lost in the shuffle over the controversy over the horrible Trump-Biden debate and the president’s recent Covid-19 diagnosis is the recent allegation by The Federalist‘s Sean Davis that CIA director Gina Haspel has been personally blocking the declassification of incriminating documents pertaining to the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory known as Russiagate.

Davis’ claim may be true or false, but it’s worth earmarking for later reference given that we already know that longtime CIA insider Haspel has been actively persuading the US president to roll out cold war escalations against Russia, and given that we know the only real changes of consequence that have come about as a result of Russiagate are changes which advanced the longstanding agendas of the same intelligence agencies who started it.

The mainstream Democratic partisan narrative has been that investigations into possible collusion between the Trump camp and Moscow were designed to ascertain whether the US government had been co-opted at its highest levels by a hostile foreign power, with countless human clickbait pundits claiming earlier in Trump’s term that these investigations would result in Trump being dragged out of the White House in chains. The mainstream Republican partisan narrative has been that the president was the target of a soft coup attempt by the deep state using false allegations of Russian collusion in an attempt to remove him from office for standing up to the deep state.

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