Trump’s Getting COVID Could Be Good News For Him, And The Country, by the Issues and Insights Editorial Board

This optimistic assessment is not completely far-fetched. From the Issues and Insights Editorial Board at

President Donald Trump tweeted out a video from the Walter Reed medical center

Almost as soon as President Donald Trump announced that he had tested positive for COVID-19, the left erupted in cheers, stopping only to suggest he was faking it to get out of future debates.

Pundits everywhere speculated on the impact of Trump’s illness on the presidential race, with most of the comments along the lines of: “Will Trump’s presidency be a casualty of COVID-19?”

There’s another possibility. That this turn of events will not only benefit Trump but could help snap the country out of its COVID-mania, which treats every case as a death sentence.

Here’s why.

In all likelihood, Trump will recover just fine. “Over the past 24 hours, the president has continued to improve,” his physician, Dr. Sean Conley, said Monday.

Trump’s return to the White House after suffering what, by all indications, were not terribly serious health effects, will let him boast that he beat COVID-19.

He will also be able to claim that he was right not to hide in the basement, or act like a scared rabbit when he’s out in public, like a certain Democratic presidential candidate. The contrast is not going to help Joe Biden’s campaign.

More importantly, it will be an opportunity for Trump to counter all the scaremongering that Biden and his army of sycophants in the press are engaged in. They want to keep the public in a state of panic about the coronavirus because they think it’s hurting Trump’s reelection chances. So they regard every coronavirus infection as a terminal case and ignore any fact that gets in the way of their doom-and-gloom narrative.

Yes, a lot of people have died with COVID-19. But as we’ve reported here many times, the death count “from” COVID-19 is almost certainly exaggerated, because the Centers for Disease Control is counting every death with COVID-19. And even based on the CDC’s counting method, the trend line is moving in the right direction.

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