Flying the Flag Is a Secret Trump Handshake, by Kurt Schlichter

Because of political correctness, cancel culture, and the general nastiness, vitriol, and violence directed at Trump supporters, many of them choose to hide their political affinity. However, there are ways for those on the Trump team to tell those who are keeping their support a secret. From Kurt Schlichter at

Flying the Flag Is a Secret Trump Handshake

Among the threats of persecution and death we face for supporting President Trump are some that are frankly hilarious. It’s one thing for libs to try to leverage fear to intimidate their patriotic opponents; it’s another thing to try it when they think that Kevlar is a hip Indonesian spice you sprinkle over your kale, and that SIG Sauer is a happening non-binary Swedish stand-up comic who doesn’t tell jokes because laughter is racist.

We recently had Chris Hayes opine that, as soon as they install a Grandpa Badfinger regime – and even before Kamala can exercise Botox Nan’s new 25th Amendment option – we Trump supporters should be hauled before “some kind of truth and reconciliation commission” to confess and atone for our sin of refusing to genuflect before the garbage establishment. Keith Olbermann, who apparently still exists for some reason, wants to go one better and convict Trump supporters of political crimes. One can only assume that they will embark on the mission to arrest us with their tweets locked and loaded.

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