The Working Class Joe Story, by the Zman

The Democrats just don’t have a very good story to tell, or sell. From the Zman at

According to Aristotle, the elements of good story telling, in order of importance, are plot, character, theme, dialogue, melody, decor and spectacle. You can be a great story teller, really ham it up for your listeners, but if the story makes no sense and the people are incomprehensible, the story will fall flat. This is also true of campaigns. The candidate has to make sense to people and his story arc has to give the sense that his victory is the culmination of the events leading to the election.

We saw this in 2016 where we were given two competing stories. Clinton was supposed to be a strong woman, the modern heroine. In modern storytelling, these gals always beat the evil white man without much effort. She was the embodiment of the feminist ideal and her election was supposed to be the culmination of the story that began with the suffragettes. That plot made no sense, given her actual story, but that did not matter to the media, dramatically selling her campaign.

The trouble was, her show was out at the same time as a low-budget indie production that was familiar to everyone. Trump was the picaresque every-man, motivated by a sense of duty to transcend his own limitations and do the right thing. He was the voice of the audience, criticizing the other characters and the system they inhabited, not for personal gain, but for the benefit of the audience. He was David and Clinton was Goliath and everyone expects David to win.

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