American Democracy Is a Fiction & Who Do Republicans Represent? by Paul Craig Roberts

If the election goes to the Supreme Court, Paul Craig Roberts thinks it will stick with the Establishment. From Roberts at

As my article this morning on this 79th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor illustrates ( ), governments use deception to bring people in agreement with the agendas of those who control government.  The cost of such deceptions usually exceed the benefits.  Ruinous wars result, and the unity required to cement a country together can be destroyed.

I believe the latter has happened with the stolen US presidential election.  It is certain that the election was stolen, and 75% of Republicans and 30% of Democrats believe that it was according to the Rasmussen Poll.  The organized theft was planned well in advance, and the hysteria orchestrated by the Covid threat paved the way for fraudulent mail-in ballots.  As I previously explained, state election laws in swing states were violated by Democrat election officials, governors, and secretaries of state. Even state constitutions were violated.  The voting machines were programmed to weight the vote in Biden’s favor.  When this did not suffice, halts in vote counting were declared in several swing states, all poll watchers were sent home, and fradulent main-in ballots were fed into the vote count in the absence of supervision.

The evidence of electoral fraud consists of (1) a comparison of state laws and constitutional requirements with what actually happened as admitted by Democrat officials themselves and justified because of Covid, (2) hundreds of affidavits signed under oath by witnesses to fraudulent voting, (3) expert testimony demonstrating the fraud and how it was done ( ), and (4) security camera films and eyewitness reports of large numbers of mail-in ballots, some uniformly premarked, some without creases and thus never mailed in, and some filled out by Democrats on the spot,  surreptitously delivered and entered into the vote count without supervision.

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