The Year Ahead, by Paul Craig Roberts

Paul Craig Roberts’ money sentence: “Evil is all devouring, and evil is devouring America.” From Roberts at

“The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.” — Aristotle

2020 ended with freedom under attack and few rising to freedom’s defense. 

The United States is poised to enter 2021 with an illegitimate president, Biden, put in office by an election stolen in plain view. The incumbent president, Donald Trump, won the election. He received 10 million more votes in the 2020 election than he did when he won in 2016 and three times the black votes.  His campaign rallies were enthusiastically attended by overflow crowds.  As Americans went to sleep the night of November 3 President Trump had carried the red states and had large leads in the critical swing states.  Without foul play it was impossible for Biden to win.

The morning of November 4 when they awoke, the American people found the presstitutes had declared Joe Biden president.  In the middle of the night massive vote dumps of fraudulent mail-in ballots in Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia erased Trump’s large lead and tipped the swing states to Biden.

No crowds had turned out for Biden. In the Democrat primary, there was no enthusiasm for him or Kamala.  In the election Biden got less votes than Obama had received and did worse with blacks and Hispanics.  Biden carried neither the bellwether counties that have always predicted the election outcome nor the bellwether states of Ohio and Florida. He underperformed Hillary’s 2016 vote in every urban US county but with fraud’s help outperformed Hillary in Democrat-controlled Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, and Philadelphia, the precise cities where the most obvious and most blatant electoral fraud was committed. See:

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