YouTubed, by Eric Peters

Eric Peters is a consistent and forceful advocate for freedom, so it’s no surprise that he got kicked off of YouTube, the Google subsidiary. From Peters at

It happened to Alex. It happened to the Orange Man. It happened to Ron Paul. So I am not surprised it just happened to me, too.

Yesterday, YouTube – which is an adjunct of the Google cartel – flagged me for Wrongthink and pulled a short video I had published just a few hours after I uploaded it, along with my latest Diaper Report. (I have reloaded the video on Rumble; it can be viewed here.)

Did the video contain profanity? Threats or intimations of violence? Nope to both.

But it did contain questioning words against the One True Faith. I related an encounter I had with a nice woman at the supermarket who told me how happy she was to see my face – which she could because I am an apostate and a heretic who shows it everywhere I go. I have never and never will adopt the vestments of a Faith I do not subscribe to. I won’t wear a Face Burqa anymore than I would wear the other kind of Burqa.

But we live under Sharia law and to not show respect for the Faith is a punishable offense – the punishment ranging from exclusion from commerce to arrest to what happened to me, which is a kind of online excommunication. The video was “flagged” and removed from sight on account of “violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service” – which has no specific meaning that can be divined but whose functional meaning everyone understands:

You will not take issue with our Faith. 

This is what happens when religion takes over public debate. The Faithful do not want a debate. They want subordination to the Faith. You must beeelieve – and if you do not then that is a problem.

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