Rough Ridin’ with Biden, by James Howard Kunstler

Things are just going to get weirder, more corrupt, and more broken. From James Howard Kunstler at

Speaking of the inauguration, I don’t know what was more peculiar: Lady Gaga sweeping out onto the capitol dais in Hunger Games drag —and I mean but exactly, down to the golden mockingjay pinned above her left breast — or Garth Brooks post-hymn dash to the exit as though he just heard the repo man was coming for his Gulfstream jet parked across the Potomac at Reagan National Airport.

The immense field of ranked American flags deployed silently down the mall in place of annoying US citizens lent a funereal vibe to the proceedings (as in the death of your country), while the thousands of massed national guard troops signaled the paranoia crackling under the surface as Ol’ White Joe Biden stepped forward to commence his party’s punishments against the unWoke (disguised as a call for “unity”). He was surrounded by a virtual wax museum of Deep Staters salivating for the upcoming blood-feast: The Obamas, Hillary and Bill (nodding off), Nancy, Chuck, Mitch… but just who was the Asian chap sitting behind the man-of-the-hour? Secret Service? Or his new minder (courtesy of Uncle Xi)?

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One response to “Rough Ridin’ with Biden, by James Howard Kunstler

  1. Yes. You have to agree that they showed so blatantly who they truly are. Whether their supporters will notice I very much doubt. They are inconsequental. The theatre was for us. Why? A desperate attempt to show they have the power. Question. What time was the inauguration? Was it 12 noon? did anyone notice? Did you look at the clock? Truly I am not interested in polytics at all. There is no truth there. I am a truthseeker. Blessings to you all.


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