Diaper Report 1/30/21, by Eric Peters

Why do you need a vaccine if you’ve already had Covid-19? From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

I’ve just been informed that my 84-year-old mom is about to be Anointed with the Holy Needle, which is interesting given she has already had the thing the Needle purportedly prevents about a month ago and thus has no need of the Anointing.

For any medical reason.

She caught “the virus” – and recovered from it after a week of flu-like symptoms, including a cough and some congestion. They tested her – the wardens of the facility wherein she is imprisoned for the crime of being elderly and – the irony is sickening – to “keep her safe” from “the virus.” As by not allowing her to see anyone except the people within the prison.

No family or friends, forever amen.

And she tested positive.


I – her son – have yet to get sick.

She – imprisoned – did.

But nevermind these inconvenient incongruities. Including this business of wearing Facial Codpieces that haven’t “stopped the spread” – notwithstanding almost everyone who has gotten sick was wearing one – because almost everyone is wearing one.

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