Global Warming? Maybe You Should Pack a Sweater, by L. Reichard White

Imagine if it is global cooling that we should be worrying about. Can’t happen, trust governments and their science. From L. Reichard White at

So we now have the two major population manipulation scare-narratives beginning to unravel. The most obviously fraying story is the computer-generated hypothesis called “Global Warming.” That’s one of the two possibilities for undeniable Climate Change. The other possibility is, of course, global cooling.

And then there’s the concocted and long-in-the-tooth COVID-19 Narrative Pandemic, causing uprisings — sometimes on the verge of real insurrections — all over Europe and South America.

So, predictably, the establishment is attempting to buttress its failing fictions. They trot out Biden to disingenuously echo the official 500,000 “COVID-19 RELATED deaths” propaganda when the number actually CAUSED by COVID-19 is only about one-tenth that number.

The establishment is also trying it’s damndest to counter the Texas — in fact, world-wide — record-breaking deep-freeze. The spokes-liars are out in force, distracting us by blaming Texas utilities for not prepping for record cold. Maybe they believed the Global Warming narrative?

And then, when driven to the wall, they go on by explaining why the deep-freeze doesn’t threaten the computer-generated warming hypothesis, even asserting that the deep-freeze is being caused by Global Warming.

Before you break out your Bermuda shorts and sandals though, you might find the following helpful. And you might want to pack a sweater – – –

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