The Emperor Is Naked and Senile Too, by Kurt Schlichter

Senile and pliable are just what the Democrats ordered, and then they cooked an election to make sure they got them. From Kurt Schlichter at

The Emperor Is Naked and Senile Too

It’s weird that our elite betters of eliteness and betterness refuse to acknowledge that the emperor not only forgot to dress himself today but that he’s actively drooling. Check out President Asterisk trying to figure out who the Secretary of Defense is. Not that SecDef is an important job anymore or anything. His gig now is mostly to rid the ranks of extremists who don’t think men can change into women through the power of activists demanding everyone else pretend they can. But still, the president ought to, you know, know who he is.

It would be nice to have a CINC who isn’t manifestly senile. Which * is. And it matters – right now we have an alleged president who might start WWIII by pressing the wrong button thinking it’s his remote and that he’s changing channels from Matlock to Murder, She Wrote.

I’ve never been much taken by the threat that, “History will judge you harshly!” It’s one of those hacky flexes by people who don’t actually believe that history is a thing – at least not before 1619, or maybe when Obama got crowned – that is along the same line of lame rhetoric as the “Have you no decency/principles/honor?” move employed by people who inevitably have no decency/principles/honor. Who cares what history thinks? It’s impossible to give a damn what people today think, much less future people jetting around in flying cars and munching on Soylent Green. But history will totally judge our garbage elite harshly for pretending that Señor Sundowner has still got his “A” game instead of his “R” one.

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