The Chauvin Case—David vs. Goliath in Minneapolis…and In America, by John Derbyshire

If all you know about the Derek Chauvin case is what you’ve seen on the video, you might think it’s an open-and-shut case against him. It’s not, not by a long shot. From John Derbyshire at

Jury selection began this week for the conviction…Oops, sorry: I mean the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin on charges that he murdered the Holy Blessed Martyr George Floyd in Minneapolis last year. As I write, here we are in Day Five of the jury selection, with half of the jurors selected.

I’ve been following Andrew Branca’s coverage of the jury selection at Legal Insurrection with side trips to Scott Johnson’s coverage at PowerLine blog. Branca is a seasoned attorney in Massachusetts—thirty years’ experience in cases mostly concerning self-defense and use of force. Johnson is also an attorney, in fact a Minnesota attorney, so he knows the judge and other courtroom names.

It’s clear from the accounts of these experts that the trial is David versus Goliath. David here is Chauvin’s attorney Eric Nelson; Goliath is all the legal power of the state of Minnesota, plus some names drafted in from the Obama administration Justice Department.

David won that original bout, according to the First Book of Samuel, so wonders can happen. Still, while I don’t know what the over-and-under was on Goliath back there in 1000 B.C., the betting has to be against Chauvin getting off.

And even if he isn’t found guilty—or possibly even, as I’ve noted before, if he is found guilty—Kristen Clarke, the black supremacist dingbat who Joe Biden has nominated to run the Civil Rights division of his Justice Department, will come after him with double jeopardy charges: “OK, so you didn’t murder him; but you did fatally deprive him of his civil rights! Ha! —got ya!”

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