The Anatomy Of The Scam, by Quintin Curtius

One thing that’s guaranteed in the economy under Joe Biden: scams will proliferate. Learn to recognize them. From Quintin Curtius at

There has been a big surge in online scammery and con artistry in the past two years.  Economic hardship and desperation have been contributing causes, but this kind of activity has been with us since the dawn of time.  And con games will always be with us, because they are rooted in the timeless and predictable ingredients of human nature.

My purpose in this article is to provide a rudimentary outline of the basic features that I believe most, if not all, scams and con jobs share.  I have worked as a criminal defense lawyer for over twenty years, and have seen a few scenarios that have helped me compile this information.  I have also benefitted from observing scam artists in action on Twitter and in other electronic arenas.  I have also learned much from watching the “infomercial” hucksters of the 1990s, such as Don Lapre, Kevin Trudeau, and many others.  Readers looking for demonstrations of these ideas in action may profit from watching several movies of David Mamet, who seems to have an interest in con games.  One of Mr. Mamet’s mainstay actors was the late magician Ricky Jay; and my understanding is that Mr. Jay, as a scholar of the magician’s art, provided a great deal of insight into the psychological bases of con games in the Mamet films House of Games and The Spanish Prisoner.

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