“Our cold, two-front war.” by James W. Carden and Patrick Lawrence

The US, loser of every war it’s fought since WWII against much smaller nations, would be unable to win a war against either Russia or China, much less an alliance of the two. From James W. Carden and Patrick Lawrence at thescrum.substack.com:

We’re already losing this one.

And again. (Andrew Shallo / Wikimedia Commons.)

MARCH 21—Last week marked excellent progress for those hoping the Biden administration will lead America into a new Cold War—this one to be waged on two fronts across both oceans. “Ca-ching!” ring the cash registers at the defense contractors, as if they do not already have Americans by their throats. We will now descend further into our Slough of Despond, for the psychological damage this extravagantly stupid new escapade inflicts upon us, the narrowing of the American mind, the maiming of our thinking, will be among its greatest costs. This is already evident.

President Biden’s juvenile remarks about his Russian counterpart—He is a “killer,” we are to know—and Secretary of State Blinken’s blustery display of hawkery during his encounter with Chinese officials in Anchorage a couple of days later are declarations of this new Cold War, in our read. And they were performances played primarily for the peanut gallery at home, we must not miss. Waging wars of any kind, hot or cold, requires domestic consensus, as our policy cliques learned the hard way during the Vietnam War. You can count the diligence with which they now seek the consent of Americans as a measure of what we are in for. Our fate is grave: It is to be made of debilitating, desiccating hate and fear.

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