Schools gone woke: a view from America, by An American Educator

The view from the educational front lines is not pretty. From An American Educator at

In a warning to teachers around the world, one American teacher opens up about the invasion of woke orthodoxy in the education sector

I am an American educator who began teaching nearly two decades ago. During that time, I have taught at some of the most prestigious private secondary schools in the United States. Starting about five years ago, these schools began to be consumed by woke ideology.

When I say “consumed by woke ideology” I mean that these schools are obsessed with sophomoric and divisive notions of diversity, equality, and justice; increasingly hostile to freedom of expression; addicted to cancelling anything that offends the woke movement; and prioritising activism over understanding as the goal of education.

The pendulum will not swing back because the woke movement is not a pendulum; it is a steamroller

I am writing this letter to alert those we may describe as “sleep-wokers”. A sleep-woker is one who has not taken the woke creed to heart, yet nevertheless tacitly complies with the linguistic, pedagogical, political, and moral imperatives of wokeness. Sleep-wokers go through the motions; they are like religious folk who say prayers without thinking, attend worship services without engaging, and perpetuate dogmas without believing. I was a sleep-woker. In some ways, due to a combination of timidity and tiredness, I still am.

Sleep-woking, like sleepwalking, is very dangerous. While sleep-woking, an English teacher can unwittingly help cancel Chaucer, Keats and Conrad in the name of decolonisation. A biology teacher might find herself obliged to deny important differences between the sexes. A football coach will not be able to cheer on a player after a strong tackle, as strength and physical violence smack of toxic masculinity.

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3 responses to “Schools gone woke: a view from America, by An American Educator

  1. Regarding “cultural appropriation”, aeroplanes, cars, trains, the telephone, computers, book printing and binding were all invented by white men. Should we insist that all other ethnics stop culturally appropriating and exploiting our inventions and the product of our white culture?


  2. In Ireland Gaelic is a compulsory school subject. Welsh is heavily promoted in Wales and similar attempts to promote Gaelic occur in Scotland. Whatever the point of this is, I don’t get it. “English” after all is a fusion of Latin, Germanic, French, Norse and sprinklings from all over the world. You can’t purify English from its foreign elements. It is a stew of foreign inputs over centuries.
    Most English and Americans are descended from migrants. We don’t need multiculturalism rammed down our throats – it is what we are – and so far that evolved tolerance has worked pretty well.
    Woke is sophistry. The ideas don’t stand up to the slightest examination. Absurd ideas are promoted and then counter arguments are simply shouted down. Basically it is a con.


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