CNN ‘Medical Expert’ & CDC Suggest Americans’ “Freedoms” Be Restricted Until They Are Vaccinated, by Tyler Durden

The experts are disappointed that states are reopening so that they don’t have the prospect of relative freedom to entice people into getting the vaccines. From Tyler Durden at

With nearly every state having opened vaccinations to all adults, the CDC on Friday announced the second loosening of certain federal guidelines by declaring that all Americans who are “fully vaccinated” – a status obtained two weeks after the second dose (for Moderna and Pfizer) or the one and only dose (for JNJ) can travel “at low risk to themselves” both with the US and abroad, and won’t need to be tested for COVID before boarding a plane.

However, the CDC advised that they should continue to take precautions like wearing a mask in public, avoiding crowds,  maintaining social distancing and washing one’s hands frequently.

While the press celebrated the advisory as a milestone in the road back to “normalcy”, some wondered whether the CDC got the memo about packed seats on airplanes and the virtually completely reopened Florida that’s attracting tourists from around the country.

While many Americans might not have realized it, the CDC has officially discouraged Americans from traveling – until now.

As more countries prepare to start using vaccine passports (airports have already been demanding proof of negative COVID status since last summer), the CDC said vaccinated Americans will not need a COVID test to travel anywhere, including another country (that is, unless they’re required to do so by authorities in their destination country).

While all this probably sounds promising, there’s a catch: vaccinated travelers still have to get a negative test result before boarding a flight back to the US, where they then must be tested against 3-5 days after returning home. This could create the potential for an explosion of false positives as some have linked to over-magnification on PCR tests used to detect the virus.

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