As Seeming Consensus Hardens for Cold – or Even Hot – War Against China, by Doug Bandow

There’s no real good reason for any kind of war with China. From Doug Bandow at

It Becomes Ever More Important to Fight for Peace

What a difference a presidential campaign and deadly pandemic make. Although the U.S. and People’s Republic of China long had been at odds over important issues, the bilateral relationship remained civil if not always friendly. Despite occasional spats, no one imagined a cold war, let alone actual hostilities. But 2020 changed everything. Today the possibility of conflict is on many Americans’ minds.

Moreover, the chance of war remains as great today as under the Trump administration. Chinese-American writer Nina Luo observed that after Joe Biden’s victory she “felt a sudden sense of relief. The days of ‘the China virus’ rhetoric from the White House were over.” But her optimism soon dissipated, and she observed that “long before Trump took office, xenophobia, anti-Asian racism, and Yellow Peril-style propaganda served as useful tools to advance American domestic and foreign policy goals.”

Particularly noteworthy is the latter. Scaremongering is pushing Washington toward conflict with Beijing. Observed Luo: “In recent decades, the defense industry has perfected this rhetoric to make the case for war on China. Republicans and Democrats – including both President Biden and even our most progressive members of Congress – amplify the warmongering and push for increased defense spending.”

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