Prionic “Driving”, by Eric Peters

Eric Peters has an interesting hypothesis: the Covid vaccines impair mental acuity and its showing up on the roads and highways. From Peters at

Prionic Driving is becoming a thing.

What is Prionic Driving? It is “driving” – finger air-quoted to emphasize the absurdity – practiced by people who’ve been Needled. Or at least, there seems to be some correlation between the one and the other.

They are behind the wheel, alas. But to call what they are doing driving is akin to describing what Old Joe does as leading.

I mean, c’mon man!

The Prionic seem unaware they are behind the wheel. Or at least, they are unaware of what’s displayed by the speedometer. In relation to the signs on the road. The latter generally considered to be a kind of clue as to the speed that ought to be displayed – and at least kinda-sorta maintained.

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One response to “Prionic “Driving”, by Eric Peters

  1. Eric Peters has been complaining about slow drivers before coronavirus ever came around.


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