The Truth About the ‘Vaccine’, by an American Expat in Austria

Some inconvenient truths about Covid-19 vaccines, from an American Expat in Austria at

I do not meant to offend you, but I feel compelled to respond to what you had to say to me on the phone this morning regarding how if there is a big up-tick of “covid19” in the fall, that all the sickness and death will be the fault of all the people, who like myself, who are not allowing an experimental “gene therapy” to be injected into their body.

I hope that you realize here that this way of seeing things is absolutely not your own independent thinking, but that you have been programmed by your government and the mass media to “demonize” those of us who do not want to subject their bodies nor their natural immune systems to all the very real hazards of an experimental and never-before-used “gene therapy” which is absolutely not a “vaccine”. (This push to get everyone injected is truly, truly a very Nazi type agenda and I would have thought that Austrians already learned the lesson from 1938 – 1945 [??]).

But before I go on to explain more, . . .

I have a question. Can you please send me via e-mail if possible some kind of documentation that is backed up by scientific evidence that shows that the “covid19” “vaccines” are EFFECTIVE and that they are SAFE? (I need solid and backed up evidence to believe something.)

Despite having spent some time searching, I have been unable to locate any information from the manufacturers of the vaccines or from the government or from the mass media that shows beyond reasonable doubt that the “covid19” “vaccines” are EFFECTIVE and that they are SAFE.

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