What’s REALLY behind the war on home ownership? by Kit Knightly

When you rent, you’re at the mercy of your landlord, and that’s what the powers that be, certain of whom are buying up apartments and houses en masse, want. from Kit Knightly at off-guardian.org:

Becoming a “Nation of Renters” is clearly a big part of the New Normal.

he incipient “Great Reset” is a multi-faceted beast. We talk a lot about vaccine passports and lockdowns and the Covid-realated aspects – and we should – but there’s more to it than that.

Remember, they want you to “own nothing and be happy”. And right at the top of the list of things you definitely shouldn’t own, is your own home.

The headlines about this have been steady for the last few years, but it has picked up pace in the wake of the “pandemic” (as has so much else). An agenda hidden on back pages, behind by Covid’s meaningless big red numbers, but perhaps no less sinister.

You can find articles all over the net talking up renting over owning.

Last month, for example, Bloomberg ran an article headlined:

America Should Become a Nation of Renters”

Which praises what they call “the liquefaction of the housing market” and gleefully expounds on the idea that “The very features that made home buying an affordable and stable investment are coming to an end.”

The Atlantic published “Why Its Better To Rent Than Own” in March.

Financial pages from Business Insider to Forbes to Yahoo and Bloomberg again are filled with lists titled “9 Ways Renting is Better Than Buying”, or similar.

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One response to “What’s REALLY behind the war on home ownership? by Kit Knightly

  1. All by design in R.feller’s,1963 Operation Lockstep.Renting IS a better choice for some,You must weigh the pros vs. Cons like all other big choices.Pensions should have solid investment vehicles.FED Should be abolished and jailed.Homesellers need to STOP SELLING TO NONFAMILIES/humans, and preferably stay put.Renter advocacy groups,protective,well-written laws supporting stable housing,affordable housing projects which convert unused retail,banking,office,warehouse spaces are needed.Families need to tighten up,make amends and help each other.Convert above garagespace into studio apts.Families should help each member pay off mortgages.


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