Biden Hoping This Whole ‘Politicians Resigning For Sexual Harassment’ Thing Doesn’t Catch On

From The Babylon Bee:

WASHINGTON, D.C.—According to White House sources, President Biden was briefed on Governor Cuomo’s resignation, after also being briefed on who Governor Cuomo is, and also what a governor is.

“Oh boy—he resigned just because he sexually harassed women?” said Biden to the picture on the wall behind the person who was talking to him. “What’s wrong with grabbing a leggy dame every now and again? I really hope that doesn’t catch on. Then I might have to resign, right? Wait—am I a governor?”

The Biden Administration has secretly expressed similar worries that the “harassing women leading to resignation” thing may catch on and endanger the President.

Kamala Harris insists she would never sabotage Biden with more harassment allegations to get him kicked out of office.

When reached for comment, she responded saying: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

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