Diaper Report 8/9/21, by Eric Peters

Part of the reason that people didn’t rebel initially against all the coronavirus nonsense was because they didn’t grasp the evil of the people behind it. Now, to a much greater extent, they do. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You may have read that many of the big corporate retail chain stores – Wal Mart, Home Depot, etc. – have reimposed Face Diaper “mandates” upon their employees. What’s interesting about this is the contrast between the force-Diapered employees at these stores and the lack of Diapering by choice among the people patronizing these stores.

It is a marked difference, this time vs. the last time – when it didn’t take general “mandates” to get half or even two-thirds of the people who didn’t have to wear the shameful rag that affirmed the lie to wear it.

Because, of course, they were scared. Because they believed the lies. Being generally normal people, psychologically, they could not understand the psychopathy of the creatures deliberately fomenting mass hysteria by grossly exaggerating the lethality of a sickness by hysterically but purposefully presenting alarming “data” about “cases,” which they knew were not even synonymous with sickness, let alone death.

It is inconceivable – to the psychologically normal brain – that anyone would deliberately scream fire! in a crowded theater, for the intentional purpose of causing a stampede that would result in people being trampled. They would never do such a despicable thing, so they could not imagine anyone else doing it.

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