The “Covid Pandemic” Is a Money-making Hoax and Perhaps Serves Darker Agendas, by Paul Craig Roberts

It’s getting harder and harder for the coronavirus commissars to keep their lies straight. At some point they will just collapse under the weight of their internal contradictions. From Paul Craig Roberts at

The Covid Deception is the worst criminal act in human history.

Recently I pointed out that Big Pharma runs an Internet operation to muster Democrats to the defense of Tony Fauci, who has been caught in a number of lies and would face indictment if the US had a rule of law. Big Pharma apparently also funds Coronavirus World Updates which pours out lies to counter the overwhelming evidence that can no longer be suppressed about Covid and the ineffectiveness and danger of the vaccines.

From all over the world the evidence is conclusive that the countries with the largest percentage of the population vaccinated are experiencing the largest number of new Covid cases called “breakthroughs,” a deceptive term to keep focus off the fact that it is the vaccines that are likely causing the new illnesses, not a “delta variant.”

Some parts of the world such as Iceland and Gibraltar have between 90% and 100% of their populations vaccinated, yet they are experiencing high numbers of new illnesses. In other parts of the world reports are coming in that 75% of new infections are among the fully vaccinated. US public health officials are saying the fully vaccinated need to wear masks, an admission that the vaccines provide no protection (neither do the masks). Others health officials report that the vaccines are only good for 6 months and boosters are necessary. But if it is the vaccines that are causing the “breakthroughs,” the booster jabs will just cause more illnesses.

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