A Long, Hot, Angry Summer, by Alasdair Crooke

Western societies are a pressure cooker at full boil, and the failure of vaccines to perform as promised may be all that’s needed for a boil over. From Alasdair Crooke at strategic-culture.com:

The exclusionary ideology is being turned-in upon itself. Turned-in, within western societies, and not just outwards, towards the West’s foreign adversaries. Now, it is key segments of domestic society that are being morally shamed and exiled from full participation in their societies.

Is something ‘big’ coming? It feels as if it might possibly be so. There are serious problems brewing in western societies and the élites are becoming distinctly antsy. We can observe this in the way that the Establishment both are trying to preserve narrative in respect to the virus (‘all must be vaccinated’), whilst – simultaneously – acting to change it, by blaming any narrative deficiency on the Delta variant. Sir Andrew Pollard, a professor of paediatric infection and immunity at the University of Oxford, says flatly that achieving herd immunity is “not a possibility” – now that the Delta variant is circulating. Effectively he is saying that the vaccine cannot do what was promised: i.e. bring about herd immunity; yet the professor continues to urge everyone to be vaccinated, anyway. And, too, a senior SAGE (Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies) adviser to the UK government, states baldly that Covid lockdowns can no longer be justified.

In short, their narrative is pointing in every which way. CDC Director Walensky stated last week that the vaccine does not prevent Covid infection, nor does it stop the vaccinated person from transmitting the Covid infection, including the Delta variant; the data shows an equally distributed infection rate, regardless of vaccination status, which is admitted by Director Walensky. As such, it is an admission that undercuts the entire argument for compulsory vaccines. According to the Director, the only benefit from the vaccine now is presumably that it might reduce the severity of symptoms.

If a vaccinated and non-vaccinated person have the same capacity to carry, shed and transmit the virus – with or without symptoms – then what difference does a vaccination passport or vaccination ID make? According to the CDC, both the vaxxed and non-vaxxed person walking into a restaurant, store, group, venue or workplace present the exact same risk to other people there, so how does the presentation of proof of vaccine make the difference?

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