The Heebie-Jeebies of August, by James Howard Kunstler

The Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco looks like the direction the entire US is headed. From James Howard Kunstler at

“Joe Biden” will interrupt his moveable vacation — for now, back in Wilmington, DE — to speak to the nation early this (Friday) afternoon. Will he dig himself deeper into the hole that the Taliban tossed him in, or just throw in the towel on running the executive branch of the government (if that’s what he’s been doing)?

Let’s face it: “Joe B’s” actual doings in the White House these seven months are as mysterious as last week’s blitzkrieg through Afghanistan by the Taliban. What does Ol’ White Joe actually do all day after his managers “call a lid” on his official duties at 8:30 in the morning? Gab with Hunter about family business on a secure phone? Watch Joy Behar and her gang on TV? We-the-people are unaware that the “president” has any hobbies or avocations. Golf? Apparently not. Stamps? Please! Or does he just sit in a comfortable chair on the second-floor casting what is left of his mind back on those dear dead days of his fabled Scranton boyhood?

Can you really imagine Kamala Harris in the Oval Office? I doubt Kamala herself can. Anyway, someone up and dispatched her off to Singapore and Vietnam this week, as if on-cue (get her outta town, pronto…things will be a little hairy around here). Presumably she will return to the USA in the fullness of time, without any untoward accidents involving Air Force Two. But what if the veep, for reasons of her own (say, “nerves”), throws in a towel, too? Who else happens to be constitutionally in-line for Commander-in-Chief in case the whole 2020 ticket bows out?  Why, the Speaker of the House, of course, Ms. Nancy Pelosi, the world’s leading model of outfit-matching face-masks. What a career-capper that will be! Better stock up the White House freezer with Jeni’s-brand mango-cheesecake swirl gourmet ice-cream and gird your loins for a fusillade of executive orders making outlaws of everyone living between the Falls of the Potomac and the Embarcadero.

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One response to “The Heebie-Jeebies of August, by James Howard Kunstler

  1. Seeing Pelosi, (who I imagine is a really surly Frankenstein’s daughter) sworn in as CEO of the collapsing Death Star (US) makes the acid rise up my throat like a volcano. I cannot imagine a worse scenario, unless you want to substitute John Kerry, or Hillary. There seems to be no shortage of has-beens and ass-clowns for directors of the last act of this shitshow. Perhaps Thoroughly Modern Milley, of COS fame will think it’s his time to shine, and decree all Americans are trans at heart, before he too disappears into his well deserved traitors ignominy. We’ll see. I personally see this once-fine Republic erupt into gunfire from sea to shining sea, and the end of it arriving at a very different reality. Gropey Joe will stand in history as one of those Caesars after Marcus Aurelius that were of little note and quite forgotten. You can teach monkeys to govern better than him.

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