Tactics Against Tyrants, by Ray Jason

Helpful strategies for dealing with the obnoxious twits who presume to rule us. From Ray Jason at theseagypsyphilosopher.blogspot.com:

As many of my readers know, I have lived a very contrary to ordinary life. During one of my more exotic chapters, I spent decades as a San Francisco street juggler. It was rewarding … in so many ways.

Often, I was asked to perform at benefits. Usually, I gladly did so. One of those events is firmly etched into my memory. It was an anniversary for the University of California at San Francisco Medical Center.

Just as I was about to go onstage in front of hundreds of children and their parents, I heard an unusual loud thumping sound. As I searched for the location of the noise, I witnessed an astonishing spectacle. Before me, I beheld a tightly-packed battalion of black-robed Grim Reapers. They marched silently and slowly to the solemn throbbing of a solitary drummer boy.

They were protesting the animal testing program at the medical center. Some of them held poles aloft with stuffed kittens and puppies swinging from nooses. It was grim and disturbing. But there was no denying that it was powerful messaging.

This long-ago memory got me thinking about tactics that we could use against the tyrants who are trying to destroy our freedom and enslave us. My hope had been that before our Malignant Overlords could completely ensnare us in their pseudo-medical pandemic net, enough Normies would snap out of their trances and help us defeat this New Normal. But, with all of the recent revelations and goal-post moving, if they still can’t see through the scam, then they will never awaken.

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One response to “Tactics Against Tyrants, by Ray Jason

  1. Just by chance, I was discussing exactly this sort of ‘psyop’, this last Sunday.

    Targeted, personal, designed to create fear.

    Because ‘they’ will not stop, until they FEAR to continue.


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