Ending Social Media Censorship And The Meteoric Rise Of Substack, by Quoth the Raven

Substack is giving a lot of good writers a platform, a way to monetize their writing, and most importantly, a chance to write without censorship. From Quoth the Raven at Fringe Finance via zerohedge.com:

Substack is going to be where I’m penning my new column, “Fringe Finance”. Given Alex Berenson’s unceremonious exit from Twitter yesterday, I figured I’d write a full post about why I’m moving some content to Substack.

The column will be set apart from my Twitter and podcast in that it’ll focus more on personal investment decisions I’ve made and it’ll also include a slightly more detailed, nuanced and researched take on macro – all subject to change depending on how many swigs of brandy I’ve had on any given day and/or my particular penchant for dick and fart jokes at the time.

The Importance Of Substack (No, They Didn’t Pay Me To Say This)

As a precursor to the column, however, I want to take a moment and note why I chose Substack as a platform to publish on. Sure, it’s nice that the platform offers a built in subscription model, but my decision was really based on more than that and it reaches out into a broader discussion about the state of the media, censorship and empowering content creators.

This morning’s post comes just hours after yet another commentator – Alex Berenson – saw his Twitter account permanently suspended after posting facts that were inconvenient to the mainstream Covid narrative. Berenson has been embraced by Substack, who I think has a unique opportunity for content creators (like myself) that feel like my days on social media are unfortunately, eventually numbered.

I was first exposed to Substack when I watched people like Bari Weiss and Glen Greenwald, whose perspectives I enjoy, port their works over to the site. I first thought the site was simply another blog site; I didn’t even know one could create a subscription model.

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