Really Bad Poetry, by Karen Kwiatkowski

You’re an enemy of the state or you’re not. Be damn careful if you’re in that former group. From Karen Kwiatkowski at

ISIS-K wants the US to stay;  MICIMATT agrees, just one more day.

Who advised Afghans to mass at the airport, creating the mother of all soft targets?  Some say the Pentagon told Sleepy Joe, and, well, he forgets.

It’s a great way of life, Americans moan.  Unless you have no cash or gas, and can’t get a payday loan.

Why bother to end the Fed?  In the end, we’ll all be dead.

OK, OK, even I can’t stand it!

The chaotic situation – to use a word Joe Biden used twice in his “where’s my stretcher” address to the nation – is metastasizing.  That is, the chaos is transforming into something worse than simple chaos.

A global war is on, yet no one declared it, and no one said anything.  But it’s on, just the same.  The glimpse of an astoundingly NOT chaotic transfer of power from the US to the Taliban is already fading, despite the media’s attempt to massage and stretch it like a good mozzarella.  Afghanistan, now ruled by the majority of Afghans in the form of the hardened, wizened and administratively-improved-by-35- years-of-civil-war-Taliban is going to be a breath of fresh air in the region.  The rise and role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization is just one part of several decades of actual peace coming to this part of the world.

By the way – why do I think the Afghan takeover of Kabul is not as chaotic as your typical fall of a corrupt unpopular government when the colonial masters sneak out in the dead of night?  I don’t know, pick your Burma, Congo, Liberia or Guatemala…

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