Sins of Omission and the COVID Bottom Line, by L. Reichard White

What they don’t tell you about Covid and its vaccines is even worse than what they try to get you to believe. From L. Reichard White at

As I’ve noted before, I’m a market kinda guy. None-the-less, as business guru Peter Drucker put it, “Markets aren’t perfect, they’re not even very good, they’re just better than anything else.

Keeping that in mind, they’re at their worst when they’re teamed-up with with government force to interfere with things at the behest of Big Business for fun and profit.

The most disgusting — and the most common — mating ritual is the arranged marriage between business and government, sometimes referred to these days as public-private partnership, but previously — and accurately — called “fascism.” That unholy matrimony is typically locked in place by the rubric of “regulation.

Contrary to the propaganda, “regulation” isn’t to protect us from big business, it’s to protect big business from markets’ invisible hands. That means our hands as consumers. If you find that hard to believe, well, check this out.

Probably the most disgusting coupling to date is the shotgun wedding among Big Pharma, the modern reincarnation of the defunct Club of Rome and the world’s elected liars and their cherry-picked bureaucrats, as they gang-bang vulnerable humans with the COVID-19 Narrative Pandemic.

As you may know by now, to get this scam on, they’ve been lying to us about nearly every aspect of the so-called “pandemic.” You can find a few examples HERE.

One of the favorite tricks of the cherry-picked bureaucrats is lying by omission. These three key lies-by-omission for example – – –

  1. Young folks, those under the age of about 20 down to infants need to be jabbed. Out and out lie-by-omission. The omission is that folks in this age bracket almost never get COVID-19, almost none of those who do get it die from it — and they don’t pass it on to grandpa. This is true in spades for children under the age 13.

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