The Realistic Rebuild, by Eric Peters

A lot of people would rather have older model cars than today’s cars essentially designed by the government. From Eric Peters at

As America goes Cuba, politically, it is becoming Cuban – vehicularly.

You have probably read about the aging of the vehicle fleet – that the age of the typical car in service right now is now pushing 12 years old, an age at which most cars would have been scrapped 20 years ago.

But 20 years ago, new cars were better than 12-year-old cars – and so people bought them.

Today, most new cars are more expensive – and much more intrusive. It is almost impossible to find one that doesn’t come standard with an electronic hydra of “assistance” technology that many people simply do not want – either to pay for or to have to deal with. Steering wheels that try to jerk you back into the lane you’re in when you attempt to exit the lane without having signaled first. Even if there’s no one around to see your signal.

Brakes that slam on when the car thinks you’re too close to something. Engines that shut themselves off at every red light. Etc.

There is very little market demand for it. So why is it becoming almost impossible to find a new car that doesn’t come standard with it?

It is the same reason for all the rest of it. The corporations that build cars are increasingly controlled by people who not only prefer to sell virtue – as they define it – but want to force everyone to buy into it. Have a gander – if you can stand it – at the commercials purveyed by major car companies nowadays. They do not tout the sex appeal or tire-frying fun of cars anymore. Or even reliability.

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