Biden Admin Has Released Over 16,000 COVID-Positive Migrants Into US: Whistleblower, by Tyler Durden

Yet the Biden administration is forcing private and public employers to fire the unvaccinated. The hypocrisy is monumental. From Tyler Durden at

A whistleblower within the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claims that the Biden administration has released more than 16,000 Covid-positive migrants into the United States after they were not required to take the jab, according to Breitbart NewsRandy Clark – a retired 32-year veteran of the US Border Patrol.

According to the report, the released migrants ranged in age from infants to the elderly – nearly 1,300 of whom were under the age of ten.

The nearly 12,000 Covid-positive migrants were aged between 18 and 40 – with more than 11,800 of them male. Over 6,000 were between 20 and 29-years-old.

According to the source, the releases occurred in multiple cities across the United States between January 2021 and early October.

The totals do not include the thousands of untested migrants released directly by the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol testing of migrants has been limited to unaccompanied migrant children later turned over to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

As reported by Breitbart Texas, the Border Patrol relied on non-government organizations to test migrants after their release from detention. Many of those migrants were later released to self-quarantine at hotels within border cities. -Breitbart

According to Breitbart’s source, covid-status did not factor into the decision to release.

“With the pace of referrals from the Border Patrol, we tested, made the migrants aware, and released them to avoid increasing the detained population,” they said, adding “None of the migrants received the COVID-19 vaccine, either voluntary or forced.”

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One response to “Biden Admin Has Released Over 16,000 COVID-Positive Migrants Into US: Whistleblower, by Tyler Durden

  1. 16000 my ass. Multiply by a factor of hundreds like all other data released by this fake administration.


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