‘Let’s go Brandon’ is more than just a funny anti-Biden meme. It empowers Americans against the ‘fact-checkers’ and censors, by Robert Bridge

You knew sooner or later someone was going to do a serious article about the hilarious”Let’s Go Brandon.” From Robert Bridge at the ronpaulinstitute.org:


In an age when it has become risky business for people to speak their minds, along comes an ingenious meme that sends the desired message without fear of reprisal. In fact, “Let’s Go Brandon” just might be Joe Biden’s swan song.

Despite being blessed with a First Amendment, and a vast array of social media platforms at their disposal, Americans are finding it increasingly necessary to self-censor their personal views and opinions. This wave of oppression is crashing across the country when there is so much up for debate and discussion.

From Joe Biden’s fiercely controversial vaccine regime, which threatens to make hundreds of thousands of Americans unemployed, to the stark reality of dangerous breaks in the supply chain, as evident by worrying reports of empty store shelves, the undercurrent of anger and frustration is palpable. Yet the media continues to carry water for the Biden administration. That’s why the “Let’s go Brandon” meme is not as mundane as it may first appear; it represents something of a breakthrough moment against establishment bias, deceptiveness and outright censorship.

The epic moment in meme history came as NBC reporter Kelli Stavast was attempting to interview Brandon Brown, winner of a NASCAR race in Talladega, Alabama. Suddenly the fans, with more on their mind these days than just cold beer and fast cars, erupted in a political chant that has been increasingly heard at stadiums around the nation. That in itself is a worrying trend since it suggests that the “bread and circus” routine is no longer distracting the masses from political matters as intended. In any case, whether the reporter genuinely misheard the audience or was playing cover for the White House, we may never know. But when she wrongly reported that the fans were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” instead of “F**k Joe Biden,” a meme was born.

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One response to “‘Let’s go Brandon’ is more than just a funny anti-Biden meme. It empowers Americans against the ‘fact-checkers’ and censors, by Robert Bridge

  1. Not a hip hop fan but I loved the video (off to buy the T-shirt). I hope this goes global. Americans aren’t the only ones fed up with being jerked around by the global aristocrats.


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